49 by 29: July 5 - A good hike and a guest in our tent

Ethiopian drip brew at Greyfriar's Coffee Shop in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This was a great place! It had a catchy name. The barista was helpful and friendly. There was a varied assortment of tables, chairs, end tables, lamps, and sofas. It featured interesting art on its brick walls. And it served up a mean mug of thick, creamy oatmeal, to boot!

From the journal:
My brother called a little after midnight, and it was good to talk with him, as always. He has an amazing ability to listen to my stories and make me laugh at them, no matter how crazy or terrifying they may be. He said the robbery was our "Fight Club" moment because it would make us look at our lives and do what we really want to do with them.

Anyway, today was a day of rest. I spent some time this morning reading in the Psalms, soaking up God's words of comfort: I have you in the palm of my hand. You are safe. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. I see when you lie down and when you rise. I am with you always.

As the shock of the previous day's events wore off, I was able to cry some tears I desperately wanted to cry. Maybe it's a girl thing, but sometimes there's nothing like a good cry to clear your head.

We spent several hours in Greyfriar's then visited Covenant College on top of Lookout Mountain. We hiked along the Chickamauga Trail near the college, which follows a bluff along Lookout Mountain. We only hiked six miles round-trip, but I got a kick out of the fact that we crossed from Georgia into Tennessee and back again in that distance.

After the hike, we bought groceries, did our laundry at the campground (yay!), and gathered firewood. Jeremy's friend, Joel, came over for our dinner of steak and honey-orange glazed tilapia grilled over our campfire, grilled veggies (zucchini, yellow squash, green pepper, onion, tomato, and pineapple), and a chocolate bar for dessert. We enjoyed some deep campfire conversation that lasted so long into the night Joel decided to just camp out with us! What a joy and privilege to have someone be our guest in our REI Hobbitat tent!

 Oh, photos of people imitating signs never get old...

 Greyfriar's Coffee Shop, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

 Hiking along the Chickamauga Trail on Lookout Mountain. I believe this is a view of Georgia; Tennessee is around the bend.

Be on the lookout for poison ivy and ticks on Lookout Mountain...

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