49 by 29: July 18 - The day I rode a roller coaster and conquered one of my greatest fears

I did not take this picture. This was the second of two days I forgot to take my daily coffee photo. Silly me.

Percolated. Black. So quaint. And so good.

From the journal:
Off to Wildwood, New Jersey!

Jer and I had a nice drive through fields, and horse pastures, and forests. I don't really know why New Jersey gets such a bad rap...I thought it was quite lovely.

We spent several hours on the beach in North Wildwood, Jeremy's hometown. It was fun to see the places of his childhood. As a girl who grew up in the mountains of Wyoming and went to beaches only on extravagant vacations, I can hardly fathom the sand and ocean being a daily experience. Then again, others can probably hardly fathom watching the sun set behind craggy peaks each evening.

I read a book on the beach. I walked barefoot in the sand and collected sea shells. I dipped my toes in the water. I danced. I prayed. I laughed. I listened to the sound of the waves crashing in and rolling out, crashing in and rolling out. I felt so grateful for this thing called life.

After the beach, we went down to the Wildwood boardwalk, a lively locale with restaurants, tourist shops, and an amusement park complete with roller coasters and a Ferris wheel. We got pizza at Angelo's and listened to part of the nightly service at the Boardwalk Chapel, the ministry Jeremy's dad has directed for years. All in all, the Boardwalk Chapel has ministered on the shores of the Atlantic for more than 65 years, presenting the love of Christ to hundreds of thousands of tourists and training young people how to serve God through skits, songs, preaching, and evangelism. Check out the website here.

Jeremy also accomplished the near impossible: he got me to ride a roller coaster. After fainting on the log ride in the Mall of America 17 years ago, I swore off any ride that dropped, swooped, or loop-the-looped. Over the years, many friends have tried and failed to drag me onto said rides. I've either flat-out refused or gotten in line and chickened out at the last minute every time.

But Jer made it happen. He pulled the old, "Look over there!" trick, bought two tickets, and had me up the stairs and boarding the wooden Great White before I could pull any disappearing acts. I didn't faint! And I even laughed. Kudos to Jeremy! Hats off! I'm walking a little taller now.

 Beach at Wildwood, New Jersey.

 Walking along the water's edge.

My shadow joined me as I sauntered along the shore.

Boardwalk Chapel, a ministry of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church of New Jersey.

A band of bagpipers stopped on their march down the boardwalk to play "Amazing Grace" in front of the Boardwalk Chapel.

 Us...with the roller coaster we just rode.

The Great White looms large over the coast of Wildwood, New Jersey.

We just rode a roller coaster, and you're still alive!

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