A key

You all may need to sit down for this news. Okay...good...are you comfortable? Here goes...

I, believe it or not, have in my possession a small metal key. And that key, believe it or not, opens the door to my very own apartment. Whew. Yeah, I know, I never thought it would happen, either. It was looking like the hobo life would be mine for ages to come.

But it has happened!! As long as I pay my rent each month, I can now call a tiny little piece of Montana my own. And I do mean tiny. The studio is about 350 square feet, but I absolutely love it. It is downtown K-town...just blocks from the post office, the grocery store, the library, and, get this, FOUR coffee shops. FOUR!! It's like coffee shop lover's heaven.

I honestly had no idea this normal little piece of life (which I've experienced before) would make me so happy. I mean, it's just an apartment. But it represents so much more. It represents commitment and a feeling of being settled and a sense of normalcy. I have LOVED my crazy wandering life these last two years, but I am very much looking forward to staying still...even if it's just for a while.

Actually this reminds me of a debate my friends and I have had. We always wondered if it's best to find a place you love and get any job you can to live there. Or is it better to get that dream job and live in...well, Huston. Or Atlanta. Or Miami. Or any big city in the south really, any city you could never, ever see yourself enjoying. Obviously, it's best if you fall somewhere in the middle, but, I must say, I'm ready to work about anywhere to live here. I feel like I'm home.

Sweet home.

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