Alaska: June 20

Fishing for Red Salmon in the Russian River! We got up early and drove down to where the Russian River meets the Kenai River on the Peninsula. We took a ferry across ($11.25 EACH!) and walked downriver 2-3 miles. Josh fished while I took photos. The sun came out mid-day, and it was really nice. I got a big kick out of carrying bear spray. We didn’t see any bears, but there is something…thrilling…about knowing you could see one at any time because they are really common.
The fishing was pretty crazy. People could only fish below where the ferry crossed the river. If the fish made it upstream past the cable, they were home free. People fished almost shoulder to shoulder. Lines got tangled often, but people were landing 20-pound salmon left and right.
We went further down so it was less crowded. We actually met a guy on the trail who said he was surprised we’d walked as far down as we did. He said most people are too scared of bears to walk so far into the wilderness. HA. Guess we’re fearless. And we had bear spray.
Josh only had a few bites most the day. But once we started walking back, he got into the thick of a line of fisherman and snagged four salmon in about an hour. What a fisherman! I'm looking forward to my turn next weekend! Watch out fish; here I come...

The view on our way down to fish the Kenai River.

The Russian River Ferry.

Fishermen in their fishing waders.

Combat fishing.

Bear combat. Made in Kalispell.

Harried mother duck and ducklings.

Bluebells on the Kenai River.

Josh landing his first Alaskan salmon.

Me. In Alaska.

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