Lent: Day Fourteen

It is one of my good friend's birthdays today. (Happy Birthday, Sar!) She is half a year older than me, and she and her husband have their first kid on the way. I believe she's hoping for an early May delivery so she can be out and running the Bolder Boulder on Memorial Day. Yeah, she's crazy =).

And that's one of the things I LOVE about her. She is the friend who always pushes me further than I would normally go. Some of my favorite adventures in life have been with her.

Anyway, I was thinking about her today -- because it's her birthday and because of one of her recent Facebook statuses. It was something along the line of, "Why am I sewing baby clothes, and where in the world has this little Suzy Homemaker come from?!"

I loved it. It made me ponder change. Because of the life being formed inside her, she and her husband have a lot of change coming. But that doesn't mean it will change the fundamental way she attacks life. Sar is going to be a super mom who will be trail running with her super stroller as soon as she can, and probably before she should. That kid is going to see the world with one set of awesome parents piloting the adventure, especially if one of the pilots is sewing baby clothes along the way.

That is one beautiful thing about having kids, I think. It shows us that even when we undergo immense change, it is possible to keep in stride with the fundamental core of who God made us. That is good for me to remember as I look ahead to an uncertain future full of certain change.

I've often said I feel most like myself with a pack on my back. So whether and when I stay or go, may I always explore each opportunity with open heart and open eyes.

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