Tourist Trap

Fourth Avenue in downtown Anchorage is what is known as a tourist's trap. You can touch glacier ice here. You can pet a future Iditarod sled dog here (okay, that was actually pretty fun). You can eat reindeer hot dogs here (okay, they were good). You can buy Ulu knives in 20 different gift shops. No joke.
I feel kind of bad for even taking this photo and even worse for posting it on the blog. But I thought it was pretty funny and hope you can see the humor in it with me. Please.
Classic cliche.
Make tracks to Track's.
Just tell 'em it's Alaskan rust. They'll love it.
This store really is overwhelmingly big. Really.
Homemade signs are kind of cool.
Get out. Shop.
Warm. And sexy.
I'll give you...if you give me...
My favorite. Grrrr.

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