My Toyota Yaris takes me far-ish

Photos from top to bottom are: 1) Me and my rented Toyota Yaris. It takes me far-ish. 2) The Portland Head Lighthouse. 3) A reminder that the sea is not friendly. 4) Fall color, the ocean, nice. 5) Me, Reuben, Sophia and Fausto. Reuben is my friend John's cousin.

WHERE I AM: Just about to leave my B&B in Maine to drive through the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the Green Mountains of Vermont.
WHAT I DID TODAY: It's 7 in the morning. I haven't done much. Yesterday, however, I did a lot of exploring. I drove my little rental Toyota Yaris to the Portland Head Lighthouse, the oldest in Maine. Once there, I walked the trails and sat on that rocky shore. I shivered in the crisp breeze and breathed that salty air. I loved every minute on the coast. I sang worship songs and prayed and cried at being so lucky to experience God's vast beauty.
WHAT I'M DRINKING: I will soon be drinking coffee...
WHERE I'M GOING TOMORROW: I'll be in Burlington, Vermont. It's in the northwest corner on Lake Champlain.

Prayer is a privelege. That is the thought that occured to me most as I sat on the rocky shore of Maine near the Portland Head Light. Watching the ocean crash white and frothy and mean against those black rocks made me feel so small.

Behind me the hillsides blazed orange and red and yellow. Below me the ocean pulsed. I shivered in its cold mist. Then there, in all that commotion, God sat next to me and we talked. I was reminded of some words I read recently in the Old Testament. They went something like this: What other nation is so great as to have their god near to them the way God is near to us when we pray?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah!! Wow it looks like you're having fun. Well, I've got to run, I've got a Weekender to put out. It's this massive section we put out on Thursdays. Maybe you remember it.

Keep bloggin!