Bumming around Boston

Oct. 12, 2008

WHERE I AM: At a Bed and Breakfast in Portland, Maine.
WHAT I DID TODAY: Rented my first rental car and drove it from Boston to Portland, Maine, up Route 1A and Route 1. Ate dinner at a groovy little joint called The Dogfish Bar and Grill.
WHAT I'M DRINKING: Nothing. Just getting ready for bed.
Well, sometimes writers don't have much to say. I believe the term is "Writer's Block." So, readers, tonight I leave you with some photos of my day exploring Boston. From top to bottom we have 1) Me thinking deep thoughts in the grandest public library I've ever seen 2) The reflecting pool of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, as seen from the Prudential Tower Skywalk 3) Paul Revere's final resting place in the Old Burying Ground 4) Boston going to bed 5) A man resting in peace 6) The Boston Police getting ready for action 7) Trinity Church reflected in the Hancock Tower.


J Stu said...

are you out of money or something? couldn't even afford a hotel room and had to sleep in the graveyard? let me wire you some money or something...

Hannah said...

They said the rest was good in the graveyard...quiet neighbors. I'm sorry. That was terrible. If you wired me money, I could buy more coffee...hmm, how much you got?