You're so vain, you prob'ly think this post is about you

Nov. 18, 2008
Ah, the joys of traveling alone. Scenery photos are nice and all, but you can only take so many. Soon, you want a photo of, well, yourself. You want to prove you were in all those wonderful places. You want the world to see that you do exist. So, you go crazy with your camera's self-timer.
You set the camera on a windowsill, a television, a log, a rock. You frame the photo the best you can. You hit the button. You run. You strike a pose. You smile. And smile. And smile. The little red light keeps blinking. You frown. You begin to head towards the camera. It takes the picture as you're glaring at it. You try again. You strike another pose. You laugh at yourself. You really, really hope no one is watching.
Here's my proof. I was in a tall building in Boston. I was on the coast of Oregon. I was on the coast of Oregon. I was on Oregon's coast. I was here, in Oregon. Oregon knew my presence. I liked these rocks on the coast of Oregon. I was in Maine, on the coast. I was in Boston.
Hannah was here.

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