I novel, I chauffeur

I emerged from The Igloo on Monday, which, for anyone counting, was day eight of my 30-day noveling adventure. I'd like to say I emerged because I knew it would be good for my health. But that's not the case. I'm willing to risk my health -- both physical and mental -- for the love of words. No, I emerged because I got a job. Not only am I a novelist now, I am a chauffeur. Monday was my first day driving a doctor in town to his clinic in Gillette. We left before 7 in the morning and returned about 9:30 at night. A long day, perhaps, but perfect for writing while I waited for him to see all 60 (!) of his patients. I wrote in the Campbell County Public Library for a switch. My little study room was about two feet square. It was nice and cozy.

Where were you the night of...

Is that a dangling participle? Will it count toward my 50,000-word noveling goal?

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