49 by 29: July 24 - Time with my aunt and uncle

-General Mills drip brew at the Perrott's house...pictured above with a few leftover guest favors from the wedding the night before.

-McDonald's premium roast enjoyed with my Aunt Karoline and Uncle Lyle before we went to church together.

From the journal:
Uncle Lyle and Aunt Karoline picked me up at the Perrott's house so we could go to church together at Gray Road Baptist Church.

It was really special to worship with them. And I liked the pastor's sermon on how Jesus and His church are intimately connected, so you cannot claim to love one and not the other. The church is Christ's bride.

After lunch, I took a nap. I love naps. I wish American jobs allowed for nap times like so many other countries do. It's a brilliant idea. Later, I showed Karoline and Lyle some photos from my trip. For some reason, the photo of the site where Jeremy and I got robbed took me by surprise. I had forgotten it would be in the mix. I wasn't planning on telling my beloved aunt and uncle about the robbery because I didn't want them to worry about me, but the photo was there and the story was there, so I told it again. It still doesn't sound like my own.

In the evening, Karoline and Lyle took me downtown to walk along the canal and see some of the sights in Indianapolis. I love my aunt and uncle. They are gentle, and loving, and just refreshing to be around. They make me feel so special. I wish we lived closer so we could see each other more often.

The Soldiers and Sailors Monument in downtown Indianapolis. I wasn't able to get a very good photo, but it was an impressive monument standing just short of 300 feet tall and honoring Indiana veterans of most the wars in America's history. I would definitely visit again and spend some time admiring the intricate sculptures.

Me and my Aunt Karoline in front of a cool steam-powered clock.

A SWEET community garden in downtown Indy. Sights like this make me happy.

Canal Walk in downtown Indy. You can rent paddle boats and bikes to explore, or simply stroll along.

Me and my Uncle Lyle and Aunt Karoline. Love 'em so.

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