What the hay?

Funny. I've been writing all morning and decided I needed a break. So, what do I do?

I write.

I look out the wall of windows (12 and a sliding glass door in all!), and let my mind wander. I wish I could say I think grand, deep, philosophical, life-changing thoughts, but I don't. Right now, I find myself wondering what Wind does all day. The horse, not the weather element.

I feed him in the morning. I hug him, pet him, and kiss his neck. Then I leave, and I have no idea what he does with the rest of his hug-free time. Does he think? Does he wish the sun would shine so his coat would dry off? Does he admire the snow sitting in pillows on the pine trees?

This is a common thread of thought for me. It just seems like the day would be so long without the pleasures of working, reading, drinking coffee, listening to music, baking, talking with a good friend, and countless others to fill the minutes. Then again, animals don't have to deal with cars breaking down, paying bills, and the crazy what ifs and if onlys that fill one's head when she's simply trying to lie down and sleep.

Who knows? Maybe Wind is out there in the pasture thinking about how long my day must be with so many distractions, neighing, "What the hay? Slow down, sister."

Just maybe. Either way, he is beautiful, his rust brown coat contrasted against the white snow. Maybe I'll go give him a hug just to break up his day. And take a real writing break in mine... 

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cindy said...

animals just live in the moment. we can learn a lot from them.