Lent: Day Four

Yesterday, day four of Lent, I went night skiing. I took a pretty gnarly fall, but overall it was an absolutely beautiful evening of boarding on the mountain. The snow was fast; the view was clear all the way to Glacier National Park; the company was superb.

I mention all this because I was so tired and sore last night I could barely write in my prayer journal. It hurt to hold the pen and make the needed strokes for legible letters. All I got down was a list of thanks to God: for bodies that move, for snow-covered hills, for stars seen from the chairlift, for Andy and Marianne.

This list got me thinking about the act of giving thanks.

First of all, it is one I need to do more often because I LOVE to do it. When I get to thinking about all I have to give thanks for, I become overwhelmed. It is an unending list. Truly unending.

Second, why do we neglect it in the first place? Why is it so easy to see the negative in life, to do the "poor me" shtick in so many varied ways? What would the world be like if we all walked through it with attitudes of thanksgiving?

Third, thanksgiving is a springboard. It leads to love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Also confession and forgiveness. And perspective -- which is something we all need.

Anyway, reader, that's all for now. Just know I'm thankful for you, whether I've known you for years or only through this World Wide Web.

P.S. I'm thinking maybe I should go snowboarding more often...

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