Way more than half full

I love water.

I love the way it feels when it rushes down my throat, cold, refreshing, nourishing body and mind. I love the way it warms my hands when washing dishes. I am awed when it crashes on a beach and when it swirls in the eddy of a river. Its slap against kayak or skin makes me feel alive.

Thus it is difficult for me to imagine water causing so much harm to so many in our world. But it does. It carries disease. It takes time together away from families. Its scarcity causes feuds. In short, earthly water has the power to both sustain life and to ruin it.

Thus I leave for El Salvador tomorrow. I am going to serve with Living Water International, joining my friends Barb Martin, John Nadolski, and Dave and Sarah Repshire in an effort to drill a well for a mountain village near the port town of Acajutla. We pray for success...not for us but for the people we go to serve. And we pray the gift of earthly water that no longer kills will make the people thirst for the water of life.

As I look toward the trials and joys of this coming week, I see the glass as way more than half full. May God pour his mercies down upon El Salvador.

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