Riding the Rails to Trails

I woke up early today with nothing to do and nowhere to go. That is one of my favorite states in which to be. It makes getting dressed an anticipation of breakfast, and breakfast an anticpation of coffee, and coffee an anticipation of waxing the bike chain and pumping up the tires and rolling away to nowhere and everywhere because there is but one demand on the day: explore.

I rode West.

I took the Rails to Trails system about 10 miles out, ending at a quaint, cottage-style cafe with a wide deck on which to sit and watch the gray skies roll away into blue. I drank coffee, read the newspaper, and splurged on strawberry crepes. And then I watched the blue skies roll away into gray...

...and rode home under plump drops of summer rain that fell heavy and splashed big on my helmet, face, arms, and legs.

A lovely, cool morning for a ride.

The cafe caters to riders on the Rails to Trails.


Heading home as the rain clears.

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