Who was Blind Bartimaeus?

WHERE I AM: In Wyoming at one of my favorite coffee shops.
WHAT I DID TODAY: Worked as a journalist. Went grocery shopping. Ate cereal by the river.
WHAT I'M DRINKING: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee, with cream. It's great. Has a hint of blueberry flavor.
WHO I MET TODAY: My friend John came over for lunch. We had Chinese.
WHERE I'M GOING TOMORROW: To my cubicle to work.

Blind Bartimaeus was, obviously, a blind guy. He lived in Bible times. He is mentioned in three of the Gospels -- Matthew, Mark and Luke.

My favorite version is in Mark. Chapter 10. Verses 46-52.

You should check out the story for yourself. But, it goes something like this:

* Jesus is leaving Jericho, on foot as usual.
* He has a large crowd of people following him. As usual.
* A blind beggar named Bartimaeus is sitting by the road. When he hears that Jesus is passing by, he starts to shout.
* "Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!" he says.
* The crowd tells him to be quiet.
* He shouts even louder: "Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!"
* Jesus hears him and tells him to come.
* The crowd tells Bartimaeus to cheer up, Jesus is calling him.
* Bartimaeus throws aside his coat, jumps up and goes to Jesus.
* "What do you want me to do for you?" Jesus asks.
* "I want to see!" Bartimaeus answers.
* Jesus heals him because of his faith.
* Bartimaeus follows Jesus down the road.

That's it.
No, that's it! Bartimaeus was listening for Jesus. He desperately wanted his attention. He was persistant in getting it. Once he had it, he knew exactly what he wanted. He was intentional. He wanted to see. And, once healed, he followed.

I want to be like that. I want to see, too. I want to have that kind of faith. And I want to follow because I have a feeling that following Jesus is quite the adventure. What stories!

That is what this blog is all about. It is about what I see, whom I meet, what their stories are, where they're going, what got them here.

I am taking a trip soon. Denver to Boston to New York to Philadelphia to West Virginia to Chicago to Kalispell to Seattle to Portland to Sacramento to home. Which is Wyoming. I think I'll see a lot.

Come along with me! Meet the people I meet. See the things I see. Pray for me, with me, for others. Let's get a dialogue going about life and all its complexities.

And, when I'm back home, let's keep it going. I'll keep writing. Bartimaeus will keep shouting. There's always a story to be told.


tellmemore said...

We've begun praying in earnest.

Sar(rah!) said...

I LOVE YOU!!!! Can't wait to read "hear" your stories!!!!

Charles Lau said...

Hi Hannah,

You won't know me. I'm Charles, all the way from Malaysia. I've come into your blog, cuz I onced named my blog "blindbartimaeus.blogspot.com" and for a time, I blogged on it, then I stopped blogging for some time and decided to delete my blog. Then I decided to come back and set it up again, only to learn the name "blindbartimaeus" is no longer available. So, i decided to add a "-" between "blind" and "bartimaeus". =)

It was only just now, I decided to check out how would the real "blindbartimaeus" be like. And I am absolutely amazed at seeing your blog.

At first, I thought it wasn't a christian blog until I bumped into your operation christmas child post and that brought a lot of joy in me. I was a medical student back in Dublin, Ireland and my church use to do the operation christmas child.

So, I'm absolutely encouraged, happy and blessed to see your blog. =) Reading this post too really blessed my heart, a sermon on the story of Blind Bartimaeus is what God used to bring me to Christ.

My blog is "blind-bartimaeus.blogspot.com"
You don't have to check out my blog. There's not much in it.

But it's good to see a fellow Christian on the other side of the world. =)

And a fellow coffee lover too.

God bless.