One of the things I've enjoyed about having one main co-worker these last few months (i.e. being severely short-staffed...love you, Heather!) is the daily sharing of our lives. As we ride the ups and downs of work together, we also get to enter into the ups and downs of our personal lives. Though asking "What are your plans for tonight?" or "How was your weekend?" may seem trivial at first, I think there is great value in such questions. They encourage reflection and story-telling. They bring emotions to the surface to be dealt with. They give us things to laugh about and sometimes things to pray about.

Through such daily sharing, Heather has become much more than just a co-worker to me. She has become a friend and confidant, and I treasure her greatly.

Lately, I've been telling Heather that I feel tired and have no idea why. That is when she reminds me that my weeknights and weekends usually consist of book editing, bike riding, disc golfing, river rafting, breakfasting with my folks, ice cream eating with friends, coffee-ing, photo shooting, worship practicing, church-ing, apartment cleaning, and lots of other-ings. And it's true. But I have no complaints. I am thankful to God for giving me so many good friends who like to get out and about. And (as I may very well mention in every blog post from here on out at the risk of becoming annoying!) I am so thankful to God for bringing Justin and I together. I love that man. I love every second with him.

So, for friends near who have joined these adventures and for friends far who kindly express interest in knowing how I spend my days, here's what I've been up to lately:

BMW (Burly Mountain Women) snowshoeing excursion in the Big Horn Mountains.

Crystal is one of the burliest (and most beautiful) BMWs I know. Seriously. She got engaged on a 40 day/40 night backpacking trip in the wilderness of Wyoming. Yeah. Don't mess with her :).

For "Western Day" at work, Heather and I took over the Sidewalk Cafe and demanded, "Lattes for my men, and frappes for my horses!"

In April, I attended and photographed my first branding. 

Bike riding adventure in Story, Wyoming. Love these peeps...especially that handsome fella in red :).

J is the best disc golfer I know. We spend a lot of time on the disc golf courses around town. This one is at the VA hospital. 

In May, the beau and I took a photo excursion to an old abandoned power plant near Buffalo, Wyoming. This was on the trail to our destination.

Old power plant from the outside.

Justin is an uber-talented photographer. Check out his website here. (Shameless plug for a fellow starving artist: Buy a print or two! Your wall needs fine art!)

Abandoned power plant on the inside. 



A little nature photography.

My brother's movie, The Adventures of Chris Fable, hit Wal-Mart in March! An action-packed family film based on John Bunyan's "The Pilgrim's Progress," it will be a hit with kids of all ages. (Shameless plug: Go buy one today!) 

Rafting and kayaking Big Goose Creek through Sheridan.

Derek and Ashley raft in style.

The gang.


Sar(rah!) said...

Oh how I miss you, Han! So glad to see your cup overflowing, my dear friend!

Hannah said...

I miss you, too, Sarah! Every one of these photos should have you in them.