Finding happy in the humdrum

My mom has this blessed ability to not beat around the bush. Today, when I called her to whine about how blue I've been lately, about how much I want to get away, about how I don't understand why I'm here, about how I wish I had someone (i.e. a man) who loved me, yada, yada, yada, she did a few things.

She listened.

She sympathized.

And then she came out with a few to-the-point words of advice. And the amazing thing about my mom's words is that they never hurt me, even though they are pointed enough to do so. Sometimes, I think her frank advice is why I call. I mean, I want her to listen and empathize, and she always does, but then we get to what really needs to be said.

I.E. Remember one of your biggest weaknesses, dear Hannah, is discontentment. If you are not either planning for or partaking in one of your grand adventures (which, by the way, you are VERY blessed to enjoy), you become discontent with the humdrum of living normally. But most of life, dear Hannah, is working to pay the bills. That is what most people do most of the time. So, right now, you just need to do the next thing. You need to stick it out and not think that moving somewhere new will solve your discontent.

Yep. She's right, as always. I need to stop moping. I need to clean the house and look for another job and maybe, just maybe, try to look outside myself to the needs of another.

So, dear world, I'm going to do just that. I bought a vacuum cleaner recently and suppose it's time I open it up and pour myself into vacuuming then dusting then walking then working then church then cooking then working then serving then making friends then working then paying bills then laughing then smiling then living then working then..........


Anonymous said...

exactly, my dear hannah. i love you.

josh w said...

On the humdrum, my wife Cindy just posted on a book she recently read that takes up these themes. You might enjoy. It's called Private Life by Jane Smiley.

The post is at http://lafleurepuisee.blogspot.com/2010/09/recently-finished-jane-smileys-private.html

Hannah said...

Thanks for the post link and the book recommendation, Josh! I'll definitely check it out!