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A year ago, while on my Amtrak Adventure around the United States, I stayed with friends of a friend in Philadelphia. Denise and Amy were great. They took me to get some authentic Philly cheesesteak and introduced me to Ikea, this mind-blowing furniture store that's more like a super maze. Oh. And Wawa. They introduced me to Wawa, this mind-blowing convenience store that boasts one heckuva coffee buffet.

But, great as Ikea and Wawa were, Denise and Amy also "introduced" me to Jeremy. I quote mark "introduce" because I'm not sure that meeting over email is a full-on introduction. But anyway...after I returned home, Denise sent me this email saying she had this friend who, too, wanted to take an epic, around-the-country journey.

Jeremy and I began emailing and plotting and dreaming his adventure. I offered him tidbits of advice (pray a lot, don't go into travel with debt, budget yourself, eat cheap, be willing to splurge on stuff that will be really memorable, stay with friends or friends of friends, be flexible). He offered me the chance to vicariously dream his travels, which, by the way, I think I could do for a living. I get all giddy even thinking about travel -- my own or anyone else's.

It was fun. And I am very happy to report that, just a month ago, Jeremy did indeed embark on his journey! He's going by van and for a much longer time than I, and I know he's going to see and experience some amazing things.

And get this: the weekend before Thanksgiving Jeremy swung through Colorado so we could officially meet. He joined me and my best Douglas friends (who were also visiting!) for breakfast at Snooze, this great eatery mentioned in a previous post. Then he and I wandered around Denver for a day before he drove away into the snow to meet who knows who and do who knows what. I wish him all the best in his travels and pray God's protection on him.

To follow Jeremy's adventures, visit his blog here.

Me, Sarah, Dave, Becky, Nathan and Jeremy. I was glad Jeremy could not only meet me in person, but my friends, too. (By the way, some people aren't very good photographers. Just sayin'.)
While wandering around Denver, Jeremy and I happened upon this ice cream shop. I had blueberry sorbet. It was tasty.

In a funny twist, I wasn't living in my own house when Jeremy visited. So, he ended up staying with the daughter and son-in-law of some people I know from my church in Wyoming. We both appreciate the Mattson's hospitality!

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J Stu said...

Hah! Yeah I was noticing that picture and wondering if maybe it had gotten cut off or something. Thanks for answering my question. Yeah, I could definitely see travel agenting in your future, Han.