Heel-toe, heel-toe

Just a quick update: I am loving Lent.

I love the sacrifice. It has helped me look away from myself toward the needs and feelings of others and toward God's ultimate sacrifice of his Son.

I love the prayers. I don't know why we make relationship with God so...awkward...most the time.

I love the community. It is good to be in accord with fellow Lent-ers. May we all remember why we fast and pray and give.

Today, as I walked home through a thick Spring snowfall, I was struck by the joy of movement. It felt so good to swing my arms and turn my gaze upwards. To feel each snow flake turn to dew on my face. To hear the slush squish beneath heel-toe, heel-toe. To think nothing, and yet to be.

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Sar(rah!) said...

Hannah, you continually amaze me! I love your discipline in your Lenten fast! :) Let's take a bike ride or walk this week! Maybe a group grocery run! :)