So much to write, so little time

Some people write in coffee shops. Some write at home. I write on the stage of the local high school as my folks work on the set for the latest production. I think my Mom told me it was 'time' to write every time I turned around to see how things were going. It is amazing, though, what a change of location will do for your creativity!
As of 11:02 p.m. Dec. 15 (today), I have less than one thousand words left to write. And, since tomorrow is day 30 of this 30-day noveling adventure, I'm finishing just in time.
Any and all who are able should join me for drinks and dessert tomorrow evening. I'll even dare to say, "My treat!"
Thanks, all, for coming along with me this far. Your encouragement has been invaluable.
Soon it will be 'time' to edit...

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